More speed. Less cost. Constantly evolving.

Krateen is an end-to-end parcel delivery service that seamlessly integrates with your existing parcel company. The difference is our technology, which maps the most direct routes without the constraints of fixed routes and assets. This means better pricing and faster delivery for a wider range of products.

  • Faster Shipping

    Experience expedited delivery times with Krateen's advanced routing technology, ensuring your parcels reach their destination faster and more reliably.

  • Cost-Effective Shipping

    Save on shipping costs with Krateen's efficient logistics system, providing affordable rates without compromising on service quality or delivery speed.

Comprehensive Parcel Tracking with Krateen

Krateen offers omni-mile visibility for parcel shipping. Everything is in one place, under one label, allowing us to easily show you where each parcel is along its journey, with over 200 tracking points from your loading dock to your customer's front door.

This detailed tracking sets us apart from other parcel ground shipping providers. With clear visibility.

How it works

Tailored Parcel Shipping

At Krateen, all parcels are created equal. You don’t have to conform to existing capacity constraints or rigid routing structures. We have the agility to build solutions around your specific delivery needs and the technology to make them repeatable.

Whether you need out-of-gauge items delivered, more capacity, or both, Krateen creates a parcel shipping solution to meet your exact needs.

How it works

Reliable Parcel Shipping

Our reliable couriers deliver your brand promises on time and damage-free, every time. Get parcel shipping you can trust with Krateen.

How it works