We create parcel shipping solutions

Efficiency in parcel shipping is achieved by eliminating unnecessary stops, reducing asset-related overhead, and minimizing manual tasks. Powered by advanced technology, we provide greater visibility, more direct routing, and continuous improvement through machine learning.

  • We utilize technology to guide our decisions and ensure complete visibility throughout a parcel's end-to-end journey.

  • Increased capacity for same-day air shipping means spending less time on the road.

  • A vast network of facilities and a large team of delivery drivers work together to bring your brand directly to the consumer's door.

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Seamless Parcel Delivery

We’ve transformed parcel delivery to be as efficient as possible. Instead of multiple handlings after pick-up, we make just one stop at our high-tech sort centers. This means your parcels get onto delivery vans faster, saving you both time and money with fewer stops along the way. Your brand benefits from better shipping rates.

How We Work

Flexible Capacity

Without the limitations of fixed routes and assets, our network continuously adapts to changing customer needs. Our parcel shipping system is designed to ensure your business never faces capacity limits or delays due to parcel weight and size.

By not needing to acquire trucks or hire and train employees to manage assets, Krateen saves on associated costs and speeds up time to market. Trust Krateen for reliable parcel shipping.

Easy to switch

We seamlessly integrate with all your trusted partners, so you don't have to worry about it.

Whether you're starting out and need parcel shipping solutions or you're a customer looking to switch, Krateen makes the transition effortless for you.

How We Work